“Blogger warns Britain:
Don’t forget your Energy Technology Frontier in Orkney! ” by antr (Anthony Triggs)

Blogger warns Britain:
Don’t forget your Energy Technology Frontier in Orkney!

Anthony Triggs – antr@itu.dk

The Orkney Islands are serving as Britains hub for Energy technology, science and innovation. Laura Watts warns in a blog article, that the UK National Infrastructure Commission newest report is neglecting Orkney in favour of technologies abroad, putting the British Energy Future at a disadvantage.

Laura Watts and a team of writers are going to launching a poetic work titled “ebban an’ flowan”, commenting on marine renewable energy in Orkney this week. As part of her trip she released a blog post in response to the UK National Infrastructure Commission’s vision for the future of the electricity. In this report the Commission proposed among other things to connect the British electricity grid to sources in Norway and Iceland, in order to establish exchange of energy and technologies abroad.

Reflecting upon these goals outlined in the report, Mrs. Watts reminds the Commission of range projects conducted on the island of Orkney, one of which started in 1950’s. Alongside mentioning different energy technologies on the Island, she also remarks on how the electricity won on Orkney is trapped on the island, since there are now power relays to the rest of the British Isles.
She sees Orkney, full of renewable energy and electricity powered vehicles as Britains potential “energy future”, but on the other hand also warns of the danger of forgetting the island and all it’s achievements while focussing solely on technologies abroad.

Laura Watts is a professor at the IT University in Copenahagen. This press release is based on a blog post, that she posted to http://www.emec.org.uk/smart-power-flows-at-the-island-edge/ on Thursday, March 24, 2016.
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