Jeppe Aagaard Glud

Scientists will prevent your car getting hacked with new ‘ethical’ technology

BRUSSELS – Lead Researcher, Gianmarco Baldini, of the Joint Research Centre is confident to have developed a tool, that effectively empowers the common citizen to fight back hackers.

During the last two years, Gianmarco and his team of researchers has worked intensively to perfect a solution addressing the growing concern about the data security of our everyday objects. Today, Gianmarco finally presented the new software tool SecKit at a press conference at European Council head office.

“With our invention, SecKit, technologically unskilled people can effectively control access and extraction of data from their connected things, such as their car. SecKit is your new shield against data criminals and hackers” Baldinina says at the press conference.

The Internet of Things promises an exciting era of innovation but also raises significant privacy and security concerns. Last fall, a Jeep was remotely killed by hackers while driving 70 mph on a highway around St. Luiz in the U.S. The driver survived but the incident became a symbol of the impotence among the common citizen in the question of control over their smart possessions

It is specifically security issues that tops the list of concerns among the scientists in the field of IoT. Your smart car, smart devices and smart fridges do not follow the security infrastructure of our PC’s and are therefore especially vulnerable to virtual thieves.

Frank Buytendijk, a research vice-president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, has for many years warned about a lack of ethical design in our connected devices:

“Clearly, people must trust smart machines if they are to accept and use them”

Frank explains “ethical design” as the transparency and ability for the owner to control access and data transmission of their possessions. Something large corporations have been neglecting to create new innovations.

“As for today, the common citizens rely heavily on professionals to stay secure in the age of the internet of things. This creates an unethical discrimination among those who has the technical skills or money, and those who don’t. We believe control of intelligent things should be a basic human right” Gianmarco says.

Frank welcomes SecKit and praises the software as a cheap solution with high usability. There exist similar solutions as SecKit, but experts argue the main problem has been to balance usability with customizability and simplicity with complexity. Laws on data security are increasingly complex and have been difficult to manage through ethical design.

“Not only does SecKit stay up to date with all rules and regulations, but it also removes this particular concern from its user” Frank Says.

From next week SecKit will be introduced to our mobile devices and downloadable free of charge through IOS App store and PlayStore, starting from nest week. Gianmarco promises that SecKit will be implemented to all Volkswagen cars from next year as default.



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