Peer Review – PoliteInk

Summary – Ethical Design in the Internet of Things

The report describes the issues surrounding data collection done by The Internet of Things. Because of the easy access to WIFI, things is now able to accumulate data to databases through the internet. To ensure a minimum of security and privacy level, the author recommends a framework, inspired by Ethical design. This new approach will give help both the user and developer in navigating The Internet of Things.

Three Points of Critique

Firstly , the author uses the word “Things” several times, but do not describe what he means by it. “…in the evolution of the Internet to the Internet of Things (IoT) these risks are likely to become more relevant due to the large amount of data collected and processed by the ‘‘Things’’. (Page 1).

As a reader you start thinking “does the author actually know what things mean”. The consequence is that the authors understanding of things, might not be the same as the reader´s, which leads to a false interpretation of the text. A sentence where the author describes the meaning of things would be useful e.g. could be objects like a toaster with wifi, a bathroom scale with a LAN cable, or a thermometer with an USB connection.

Secondly, through the text, the author make statements, without reference. The introduction begins: “Public awareness of privacy risks in the Internet has increased while governing bodies are working on new sets of regulations to address concerns and gaps in the digital domain.” (page 2) Is this true? Maybe From the author’s point of view, maybe also his social circles, but this is not enough to state that this is the opinion of the general public. Having a “false” statement as the first sentence in the introduction, also make you think, where will it go from here.

Lastly, it seems like the author knows that the text is a bit heavy, and therefore tries to make the illusion of easy reading by adding an overview creating visualization: a table (page 8). But the table is wrongfully used, because it only provides a column for the headings, and a column for the text. This is no different than the normal way of ordering a text, and doesn’t provide anything, except the eyestrain of reading a fontsize 10 instead of that of 12 which used through the rest of the paper.


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